T H E   W A R   A C R O S S   F I V E   A P R I L S

Thanks to all of your requests over the years, we have put our Civil War unit study onto CD!

Because it is now among our Time Travelers History Studies, it not only contains several of the project suggestions that we posted here, but LOTS more--over 40 activities in all!
Included is text to read, directions for all of the projects, and ALL the printable masters needed to complete each project!

Check it out here!

Also included in each Time Traveler is a list of resources with books, video, and audio suggestions, teaching tips, and a photo gallery to view the finished projects!

...Home of:
- HISTORY Through the Ages
.....Historical Timeline Figures
- Time Travelers History Study Series
- Hands-on History Activity-Paks
- Project Passport Activity-Paks
(coming fall 2009!)

Here are some of the projects included in
"The Civil War":

- Timeline
- Medical Practices
- Map of Battles
- Uniforms of the North and South
- Costumes (on a shoestring budget!)
- File Folder Game "The War Across Five Aprils"
- A Library of Leaders
- A Civil War Journal
- Women of the War
- Corn Cob Checkers
- A Carbine Cartridge Box
- A Soldier's "Housewife"
- Division of the Troops
- Map of the Underground Railroad
Newspaper "The Camp Kettle"
- Carpetbaggers
- The Signal Corps
- The U.S. Christian Commission
- A Photo Scrapbook
- Corps Badges - Accoutrements
- The Aftermath
- Quotes (for penmanship)
- Victorian Scrap Cards
- Hoops and Graces
- The Monitor and Merrimack
- Lincoln's Assassination
- Pivotal Papers (documents important to the time)
- ...and much, much more!

... Also included are
Factfile Cards for vocabulary, recipes, directions to make a Lap Book TM using several of the projects, and suggestions to bring your study to a close with a "Civil War Jamboree"!

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