Unleash a love of learning in your child with History Through the Ages hands-on history materials! Featuring timelines, maps, lap books, and history studies designed for your child to live the lessons!

Nothing engages a child in the learning experience like hands-on activities! History should never be a boring subject - there's far too much of it to enjoy! Travel the world, step back to days of old, become the heroes and heroines of the eras, and witness God's providence woven throughout it! By being grounded in the "when" and "where" that timelines and maps provide, and living the history through hands-on activities, 3-dimensional projects, drama, cooking, living books and more, your child will be transported to a whole new world and experience the events and meet the amazing people who carved the paths we walk today! The materials we develop at Home School in the Woods are designed to do just that!

Introducing the second in our Project Passport Hands-on History Studies
Looking for a Lap Book to bring hands-on learning to Kindergardeners-2nd graders? Check out the new K-2 versions in our Lap-Pak series, designed with little ones in mind!